Class AnonymousDescriptor

  extended by com.veromodo.tempo.sem.desc.Descriptor
      extended by com.veromodo.tempo.sem.desc.AnonymousDescriptor
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public class AnonymousDescriptor
extends Descriptor

This class is used for generating descriptors which do not enter the environment At the time of creation this only was used to assign a descriptor ASTIdentifers which did not have a clear descriptor, for example ASTTypeGeneric - Seq[E] - is made of ASTIdentifier - Seq ASTListType - E The descriptor of ASTTypeGeneric is a TypeGeneric, but the ASTIdentifier does not have a clear type meaning, hence this class was created to assign to that descriptor in the long run, for consistancy, this class should be removed

carleton coffrin

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Constructor Summary
AnonymousDescriptor(Type t, Extent e)
Method Summary
 Descriptor resolve()
          builds a new descriptor where the bound type parameters of the descriptor's type are assigned to their bound type.
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Constructor Detail


public AnonymousDescriptor(Type t,
                           Extent e)
Method Detail


public Descriptor resolve()
Description copied from class: Descriptor
builds a new descriptor where the bound type parameters of the descriptor's type are assigned to their bound type. If the type does not change is returned This method is helpful for instantiation

Specified by:
resolve in class Descriptor
a descriptor with all bound type parameters resolved to their bound type