Package com.veromodo.tempo.filters.rules

Interface Summary
IntegerPredicate a specalized SemanticPredicate for specifing integer predicates.
SemanticPredicate<T> checks the validity of objects that are subclasses of T.
SemanticRule a semantic rule for ASTNode that associates a boolean predicate to a specific type of node in the abstract syntax tree.
SemanticRules This class defines the external interface to a collection of Semantic Rules

Class Summary
AndPredicate<T> Defines an AND of semantic predicates into a single SemanticPredicate
AndRule Defines an AND of semantic rules
BasicRule<T> a wrapper class for a SemanticRule on an ASTNode.
CounterRule Defines a SemanticRule requireing counting of nodes.
NotPredicate<T> Defines a NOT of a semantic predicate
NotRule Defines a NOT of a semantic rule
OrPredicate<T> Defines an OR of semantic predicates on a single ASTNode
OrRule Defines an OR of semantic rules
RuleFactory templates for standard-nontrivial semantic rules
RuleSet Implements a collection of Semantic Rules.